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Our Goals:

The Blue Rose foundation strives to support projects that will educate and promote understanding of developmental disabilities and improve the quality of life for those with developmental disabilities.


Our History:

The Blue Rose Foundation, a not for profit 501 (c) (3) organization, was established in 1974 shortly after the first edition of  The Blue Rose by Gerda Weissmann Klein was published. The book is the story of Jenny, a child with developmental disabilities. It was among the first books to be written in an effort to help people understand and empathize with those with developmental disabilities Reader's Digest recognized its universal appeal and printed it in over 20 languages. The book was the inspiration for a movie produced in India. In Canada, a young man composed a musical score with the same name and gave it to The Blue Rose Foundation.  

The Blue Rose Foundation Board:

Mary Aronica
Mary Brennan Taylor
Marcia Brogan
Judy Cohen
Peggy Cohen
Lois Dabney, Vice President
Linda Foley
Lillian Gerstman
Nancy Kirkpatrick

Bill LaVigne
Nancy Mariconda
Georgia Mesches, Treasurer
Gay Meyers
Carmelina Misercola
Cheryl Misercola
Fran Paskowitz
Beverly Slichta-Cusick, President


A mother's reflection: 

 The words of Jenny's mother, Lillian Gerstman, in the preface of the 2008 edition, best describes what has happened between 1974 and today.

My daughter Jenny was the original "blue rose."... Now Jenny is forty-five, living with other developmentally challenged adults... As a child, she was not included in the educational and social life of her cohorts or her community. In this revised edition, we meet a new Jenny who has been blessed with the benefits of legislation, both federal and state. Included in the world of peers throughout her life, our new young Jenny- unlike the blue roses of my Jenny's generation-has been given opportunies and tools to more fully reach her pontential as a human being.

The original Blue Rose cover