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The Blue Rose Play
Based on the book by
Gerda Weissmann Klein 
Adapted for the stage by
Darleen Pickering Hummert
The Blue Rose is a celebration of the bittersweet realities in the life of a child with disabilities.  A stage production has been created thanks to the creativity, skills and sensitivity of artistic director Darleen Pickering Hummert from Theatre for Change  and her talented cast and crew.  Gerda Klein, Jenny and her mother, Lillian Gerstman, inspired the creation of the Blue Rose Foundation. Today Kelsie Skinner (as Jenny) and her mother, Allison Peacock, inspire new generations of understanding and respect for those with disabilities.
To arrange for a performance or for a production contract of The Blue Rose email bluerosefoundation@gmail.com
or Theatre4change@verizon.net


Click here for scenes from play (need quicktime)

or see scenes on youtube